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The Services Family

Business insurance pains? try our simple relief

We had encountered various issues trying to find the right level of business insurance to meet our ever-changing needs and found we were overpaying for inadequate cover with another insurer. Services Family made it such a quick and easy process and we’re now fully covered. If you are looking for business insurance, look no further!’ Marianne – Protect My Pet

simple – straightforward – safe!

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Insurance for business

Our ‘online quick quote’ covers 300+ common business types – from baby-minders to builders and stallholders to supermarkets, we’ll have you covered because:

  • Some insurance is mandatory: for example 3rd party cover to drive and Employee Liability cover. It’s the law!
  • Some insurance is good for managing your risks.
  • Having liability insurance will often reassure a customer to use your business.

‘Complex business’? or for events, email us for a ‘call-back’ or ‘call-us’ from the ‘get a quote’ page.

To help, you can find out more about business insurance here. While we don’t offer you advice, we do provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

Did you know that “Liability” in a policy usually means it covers you if there is a claim against you? We try hard to use plain English!

On our on-line platform you can buy the most important types of cover for small businesses: Employee Liability if people work for you: Personal Accident which can soften the financial impact if you are injured and can’t work: Public & Product Liability for mishaps or your customer suffers damage. We can also cover your Premises – though not always on-line.

Although Public & Product Liability is not required by law, trade sites and customers often require it before hiring you.

The Services Family community

The Services Family is our term for the men and women, family and friends of those who serve and have served our country and the public – members of the Armed Forces, the Police and Fire services and the NHS.

We all know the meaning of service and the strong sense of community that supports the members of the Services Family in their daily lives and the vital roles they play. We are shaping our business to deliver our services primarily but not exclusively to the military and ‘Blue-light’ communities; recruits, serving personnel, their families and dependents, veterans and pensioners.

Read about our family and many more topics on our blog.

Job Hunting?
Many of our customers make big career changes at some point in their life. We all know that social media is used to find jobs but, employers use it to check-out applicants. Read about our social media profiler to help people who are job hunting – our social mirror will provide you with a check of your ‘2nd CV’.

social mirror

Starting a business?

This website is designed to be a portal through which you will be able to access tools to understand ‘finance’ and get the most out of your money. We will develop, tailor and deploy more financial products for businesses and for every-day life: you want products that fit you not the other way around.

Did you know that about 400,000 people each year start businesses to ‘be their own boss’? Many of them face the same challenges experienced by service personnel transitioning into “civvy-street”. Therefore, alongside our insurance we’ve provided some free courses and tips to help you, or a family member, if you choose to work for yourself.

If you don’t feel comfortable with finance, you can’t make the best choices for you, your business or your family; therefore, we are working on fun and interactive Financial Education modules for young adults and families in ‘Money Matters!’ which we will announce on Facebook when it is ready. We do provide lots of information for businesses and employees in our blogs and social media.

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